Golf can be an easy and fun game. The beauty of the course and the challenge of the game are meant to be enjoyed and shared by friends and family alike, for a lifetime.  Looking for golf lessons for beginners or seasoned players can seem confusing.  At 3 Lakes we pride ourselves on flexible scheduling and quality instruction.

For most people, what makes golf seem difficult is the urge to hit the ball with the arms. The solution is to develop and practice a personal technique that uses your whole body to swing. Our talented Golf Professionals teach a simple understanding of the golf swing and related skills required to play better & enjoy the game more. 

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Summer Camp

Our half-day summer golf camp programs are designed to create interest and foster development in beginners and intermediate    golfers. Enrollment is limited to 6 students per session. Each campers week will include at least five hours of directed on-course real time instruction, as well as a half hour of group instruction each day.

For 2 hours each day, campers can play & sharpen their skills on the course with experienced teaching professionals. A strong emphasis is placed on the fundamentals—stance, grip, posture, full swing, rules & etiquette. There are simple real world golf techniques that allow even the youngest of campers to enjoy the hands-on learning environment here at 3 Lakes. Outdoor games, indoor instruction and on-course discoveries are an integral part of the curriculum. As the week unfolds, campers receive quality short-game instruction and by Friday, each camper will see improvement in his or her golf game, have made new friends and feel confident with a golf club in their hand!  

Summer Camp Flyer

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